SaveUp is an application for smartphones, with the help of which the user takes a photo of the product that interests him/her and checks where it can be bought cheaper.  In other words  “ check before you buy and assure yourself that you do not pay too much”.

Imagine, you  do shopping in a shopping centre, find a  product that  interests You, let’s say it is the newest book of your favorite author, you take it in your hand and suddenly the thought  crosses your mind that in the Internet you would buy this book at least 10% cheaper. Only you would have to come back home, browse many offers, compare the prizes; with one word it is a bit not worth your time and you come to the conclusion that you can afford this expense.

The application for smartphone SaveUp will cause that you will never have to pay too much again.

We will do the entire job for you delivering you the cheapest offers available in the Internet with a possibility of an immediate purchase during your visit in the shop. With your mobile phone you only need to take a photo of the product you want to buy – its name, barcode number or ISBN number. Thanks to us you will not forget about the planned purchase, you will do go it immediately after the decision that you want to buy a certain product. You will buy it at the cheapest prize offered on the market.

On which mobile phones will the application be accessible?

At first, it will be an application for   iPhon (Apple), as a goal we are planning to enable functioning of our program on the other operational systems for mobile phones. So it will be a program for Android and Symbian. Android is software produced by Google, installed on phones of many brands, but Symbian is a system, in which the programs for nokia function. So we will aim at that our application functions on every phone available on the market.

Zgłoś projekt

Nawet 200 tysięcy
Euro na start

Oferujemy do 200 tysięcy Euro dofinansowania dla innowacyjnych pomysłów biznesowych związanych branżą IT. Gwarantujemy, że każdy pomysł zostanie wnikliwie rozpatrzony przez zespół naszych doświadczonych specjalistów.


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